On The Horizon

well, I hear you're flyin' out somewhere again
from some online newsfeed or maybe a friend
and i'm sending all of my love again
wishing you safe and warm

got my feet in the soil on this overcast day
i can't find my shoes, but i like it that way
grounded in knowing my love stays
protected away from harm

my wishing well's dried up - i don't wonder why
for my reverie lies where the earth meets the sky
and closing my eyes, i let out a sigh . . .
i'll see you out on the horizon

to faraway kingdoms, you take to the skies
so often the stars shine right out of your eyes
and all the townspeople stand mesmerized by
the diamond that you've become

beneath all that pressure there's someone i see
no words can convey what that girl means to me
and no place on earth where i'd rather be
no matter where i'm from

my feet they grow restless, i look to the sky
i wake from these dreams where i know i can fly
and as my eyes open, i wonder if i . . .
can see you out on the horizon

they say that this road never touches the sky
they tell me it's only a trick of the eye
their voices just fade . . . i'm waving goodbye . . .
you'll see me out on the horizon
you can find me out on the horizon

- Copyright © 2016 by Karl Konrad Werne