The 12:01

He was a painter in Jackson Square, New Orleans
She was on the cover of a Glamour magazine
The language they had chosen was one of light and shadows
But true communication had yet to be seen

He was in the middle of a re-evaluation
And he gave away the things he couldn't carry alone
She was on the southbound, anything but sober
But she could ride forever - she was not going home

Chorus: She said, "Tell me, am I on the right train?
I'm not as sure anymore
And I've been here ten thousand times before"

Days into September - a restless tune is calling
He recalls a promise from before he was born
His search for a connection was in the wrong direction
His journey lies within behind an opening door

Colder in the evenings - days she spends alone, now
Clearly, she's reminded of the choices she's made
She's tired of feeling jaded and underestimated
Confiding to the moon that she will find him one day

Bridge: "But right now I don't know if I am in need of a lover
All that I am was swept under the rug long ago
I'll get in tune with my internal sister and brother
Maybe the answers to all of my questions are quietly waiting
... where I never seem to go"

He will find himself down at the station in New Orleans
She will take the train to find a new, brighter day
Clarity and hope will fill the air that town is breathing
Something makes him laugh - to the conductor he'll say,

Chorus: "Tell me, am I on the right train?
Cause I've never felt this before
But something tells me I should climb on board"

© 1999 by Karl Konrad Werne

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