One More Song...

Well, they tell me I need One More Song
As long as it don't run too long
And then maybe we can get this thing released

"With a voice like yours, we could push romance
Then add a drum machine so the kids can dance
And if you insist, throw in that stuff about Love & Peace"

"Can you be avant-garde like the Talking Heads?
Or maybe real relaxed like the Grateful Dead?
That's it! We can tie-dye the album cover's front!

And I know what you're thinking - you've heard all this before
But their outside lined up and asking for more
We know the consumers and the people know what they want"

"I know you wanted final say on the artwork, as agreed
And the lyrics printed clearly on the inside sleeve
But production time was run so far behind

And, if I may, before this goes on the air
Even Neil Young finally cut his hair
You know that shit went out in 1969"

- Copyright 1992 by Karl Konrad Werne

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