1st Verse:
It was a late September evening -
It was 1981 -
There was a meeting for the Angels
To discuss what had begun

There was a Gayla force wind blowing
Through the streets of Houston,
As if to announce here comes
The Chosen One.

You were the gentle, strong conclusion
To an Honorable Union
You were everything two hearts
Had hoped to say

And I can't believe I'm standing
In the presence of that woman
Who has traveled over
16 years today.

So, if you're standing on the threshold
Of the life you chose to make
And your memories burn like candles lined up
On a birthday cake

Then relax, my little darlin',
You are right where you belong -
And Welcome to your Sixteenth Birthday Song

2nd Verse:
Now thereís a road that lies before you
I remember how it feels
Itís as if someone pulled the street signs out
Left you behind the wheel

Somehow your path is clearly chosen
You have paved it all your years
In your Heart you know to
Follow what is Real

There is a Light that shines to guide you
And it radiates inside you
It will lead you when
All other Hope is gone

And your Smile that now grows brighter
Is a beautiful reminder
Wear it proudly like the
Name you carry on.

So if you're feeling something stirring
At the bottom of your Soul -
And you claim your independence
Cause you need to have control.

And if no one tells you nothing,
Cause you're never, ever wrong -
Then this must be your Sixteenth Birthday Song.

There will be times when you'll feel tested
And that no one understands -
About Love and Life through your eyes
Or your latest Mystery Man.

But remember to keep a fire burning
Behind those baby blues -
For the ones you've always counted on
And now depend on you.

So, now that you're standing on the threshold
Of the life you choose to make
And you realize your future, girl,
Is there for you to take

Just relax, my little darlin',
You are healthy, wise and strong -
And Welcome to your Sixteenth Birthday Song
Gayla, welcome to your Sixteenth Birthday Song

For Gayla Smith - Sept. 19th, 1997
- Copyright © 1997 by Karl Konrad Werne