Moments Of Grace

I didn't always lock my car up When I played at Abbey Road And you know the night was twice as nice When Patty Wareing showed There are moments in a lifetime When the waters all are still And if you just slow down You can hear the sound Of the moonlight On the clearest night It's been classified And is best described As thy - - - will To the south side of my window There's a tall and nameless tree It is older than my grandfather But younger, still, than me It's been standing guard before us Over laughter, love and tears And will hold its ground There without a sound As the sun burns high Or it storms outside We've been dry and warm And lived safe from harm For five - - - years And in an instant I am standing In the middle of a nightmare Between a sniper on a rooftop And a very broken man This is not what I intended Can you help me find my way back To the moments I remember As Grace In a town near San Francisco At the bottom of a hill There's a club there named "The Sweetwater" When I can get back there - I will. You must first get by the doorman If you're planning to get in But it's not that hard There's no ID card And the show is free There's no cover fee To get through the door What you're waiting for Is the song's --- end

Copyright 1997 by Karl Konrad Werne

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