Hold On

Well, they say
where there's a will - there's a way
But lately life's been weary,
and now you come and tell me it gets
Harder every day
- to smile

All the while knowing
that you could be growing through
Changes you're not ready for

Well, I may not know your feelings
but I can stand in your shoes
And if you listen to me closely
I will tell you what you do
You go do, do, do, ... ... and Hold On

Cause they say
you can't hold back the days
But it seems that I read somewhere
and this should sound familiar
"Don't be dismayed
- at good-byes,

A farewell is necessary
before you can carry on and
Meet again
And meeting again
even after this life ends
Is certain for those with love
is certain for friends"

Now you've got the power, now,
you've got the glory
You've got it all now
for you know the story
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on

- Copyright 1984 by Karl Konrad Werne