I am not that boy in San Diego
I am not that man from Tennessee
I am standing taller than this mountain
There is nothing much that's left of me

I set out this journey soul searching
Don't know how much farther I can go
But there is meaning hidden in the strangest of all places
And I do believe that I have found a home

If I could take you there
Wildflowers in your hair
Another day is dawning
Brighter than before

If it were you and me
The way that it should be
I would be by your side and
Faithful ever more

I remember skies in Arizona
Colors of the rainbow filled the air
And Carl Sagan must have spent some time in Colorado
Cause there's twice as many stars above us there

New York City always made me nervous
Now that I have been there, I could stay
But if I die please take all of my last remaining ashes
And just throw them in the San Francisco Bay

Iíve come to realize
Weíve got no binding ties
I could be packed and ready
When itís time to roam

See, I donít really care
I could live anywhere
To find some Peace inside
Thatís where I call Home

So book me on a plane across the country
Or drop me right down to the ocean floor
And if they ask for me
Tell them I have been seen
Living quite comfortably
Right here at Home

Copyright © 1998 by Karl Konrad Werne

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