The planet had just frozen still as a light shone through the land
And the warriors of honor rode under the light's command
The brilliance had exploded so there was no place to hide
And all anger, fear, doubt and greed soon withered, fell and died

The world began again to turn but on another course
For the beauty in vibration made the light its driving force
Every laugh is now held sacred - every care has passed away
And all because I saw you turn and smile at me

Was then that I first heard the song that echoed in the air
It stretched up to the mountains and resounded everywhere
The ocean roared out boldly as the wind in harmony
Moved along - swaying, playing each and every standing tree

My heart had syncopated with the tapping of the rain
As the birds were trading solos so the ocean roar remained
Every sound is now a melody all distractions now are tame
And all because I heard your voice it was calling out my ... name

As I stand here deaf and blinded by your overwhelming grace
Find myself no longer binded reaching to a higher place
Awareness fills my senses and my mind can clearly see
All the paths that I have chosen everything I've tried to be

Yes I often have felt lonely or somewhat out of step
That I had something to offer with no outlet for it yet
But if I could find some meaning to the reason of my birth
Then if you will be my sunshine I will be your heaven .... on earth

Copyright 1987 by Karl Konrad Werne

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