A Choice

A Choice

so it seems we have a choice
and it lays before our feet
how we choose to use our voice
and what challenges we meet

and as we turn to face a brand new generation
and when we pass the torch as keepers of the flame
do we offer it with pride and veneration
or do we hang our heads beneath the weight of ignorance and shame

let's take a look at where we are
on this road and where it leads
mother earth has brought us far
we never notice how she bleeds

is it our legacy to hand down a disaster
can we defend the sad agreements that we've made
do we explain away how money was our master
and can we face the fact it even was the god to whom we prayed

we reap what we set in motion
that's one law we can't avoid
may our sacred earth and ocean
never be destroyed
when we introduce the notion
careless greed should be employed
with the logic and emotion
of an asteroid

now we know just what's at stake
as we awaken from this sleep
there are priorities to make
and there'll be promises to keep

to live in harmony is not so hard to practice
to treat the planet like the people who we love
it's time to do away with noises that distract us
and be the heroes that we always seem to place so high above

we were made of light and stardust
that's one truth we can't forget
it would seem our purpose here must
not be over yet
when we live in kindness, we trust
every need will soon be met
now's the time to readjust
the choices we regret

earth day 2017

- Copyright © 2017 by karl konrad werne