for once in your life,
your answer is clear
and all at once you do away with
other people's obligated pain and fear

the time is at hand
but time's on my side
i think it's time to take advantage of this chance to take a
brand new day out on a midnight drive

i'm dancing under starlight
i'm howling at the moon
if i never get back to all the pushing and the shoving
it'll be too soon

you can call me crazy
i can let that go
cause only one aim is gonna hold my attention now
am i in the light of ... flow

little baby shakes his rattle
he's just breathing in the zone
oh, if only we could listen to the rhythm of the music
that he calls his own

blind man hears the tapping
of the rain a mile away
must it always be the cost, does it take such a loss
for us to hear that way?

i'll turn off my television
till they broadcast any truth
i will trade my years of wisdom
for the wonderment of youth

i will open up my mind
until there's only room to grow
and find me one path within a promising direction to
put me in the light of ... flow

any power that's guiding me
put me where i want to be
high above where i can see
and shadows don't fall over me

hold me in the healing light
i will not put up a fight
i wish i may, i wish i might
find myself in flow tonight

give it up, give it up, get it off, give it over now
if it don't serve you well
all of us are free to make our own little heaven
or drag this life through hell

if we are authors of our stories, then i know how mine will go
and i will surely dedicate the rest of days
to break through any stagnant haze
take a long, hard look at my old ways
and focus on how i can raise ... flow

- Copyright © 2011 by Karl Konrad Werne