From Here

i can feel we're at an impasse
we don't quite know what to do
you can see a storm is brewing
baby, all i see is you

i am overing your borders
can no longer keep it in
there's a wall around your castle
take it down, i'm coming in

i will swim inside your waters
i will climb your mountains high
baby, i will face your army
i am quite prepared to die

you can kill me with a gesture
you can take my breath away
i am dying to be near you
there is nothing left to say

there is only one conclusion i can see
baby you are gonna share yourself with me

i've been standing here a lifetime
i've been waiting for a sign
i believe that you can heal me
turn my water into wine

baby, put your hands upon me
let me feel your gentle touch
let me lose myself inside you
i am wanting you so much

for the chance to stand beside you
there is nothing i won't do
everything i have become i
am now offering to you

take away my polished armor
i don't need it anymore
take my heart, i'll leave it open
you are what it's beating for

cause i know that i can take away your fear
girl, if you could only see yourself from here ...


Copyright © 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne

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