From This Height

From This Height

an endless night
and then again, it's just a blink of an eye
from this height,
you can hear broken dreams and angels cry

time rolls on
relentlessly, just like its always been
when love is gone
pick up the pieces and move on again

move on

whatcha gonna do with the time you're given?
whatcha gonna make of your word and name?
whatcha gonna make of your situation
when no one is left to blame

where you gonna run when the sky is falling?
whatcha gonna do when your time is done?
how you think we look from another planet?
what if this was all in fun?

whatcha gonna say, did it really matter?
what they gonna say in a hundred years?
whatcha gonna leave as your final answer?
was it worth the pain and tears?

whatcha gonna do when your children call you?
whatcha gonna leave as a legacy?
who you gonna call when you're feeling lonely?
what if it was meant to be?

soul in flight
and then again, that's where it always stays
from this height
you can see healing light and brighter days

time stands still
and with your heart you see the road you're on
stay until
the beating shows you love is never gone

hold on

- Copyright © 2011 by Karl Konrad Werne