I Think I'm In Love

I had no plan or place
I needed to go to
But now I find myself here
Standing before you
And there's this place in my heart
I would show you
Do you think, Darlin'
You could let me in?

I had not been in the
Market for romance
Nor did I need someone to save me
Or a second chance
But lately I can see myself
In a slow dance
With a woman I could
Call a friend

So put the water on
For a chai or two
Baby I will build a fire
While I talk to you
Cause there's this undeniable
Place for two
That's been growing stronger
Every day

Now I don't want to change
Or interfere
With any plans you made
Or goals that you're holding dear
But if I could just whisper
In your ear
There is something I would
Like to say

That if you breathe in
I will feel it
And if you call my name out loud
I will hear it
And when you tell me the truth
I'll believe it
You can do anything you wanna do

And if you're lonely
I will be there
And when you need your space
I'll get out of your hair
And when we figure it out
I will be fair
Cause I wanna try to see this through

Darlin' I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love

- Copyright 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne