Love & Fear

Love & Fear

i tell you of a time
it was a beautiful time
people dancing everywhere

was never any doubt
to what it's all about
love and music filled the air

and the sound came out like boom, boom, boom
cause their hearts were beating louder than the
troubles that were left behind

and any thoughts to love one another
as your sister and your brother
were the only ones that came to mind

let's talk about the Fear
and how we brought it here
it's something we should understand

it seems that in the name of protection
we have poisoned our connection
to the welfare of our fellow man

where it was thoughtfully in fashion
to be guided by compassion
no one found themselves in need

but when doubt made us scared about
the very things we cared about
we opened up the door to greed

when we take our pride and livelihood and sell it overseas
and we compromise our freedom by a matter of degrees
till the dreams we had believed in are now driven to their knees
what's the game?

you can do the math on what is saved and what is spent
when our sacred holiday becomes a marketing event
seems we cannot pay attention like we cannot pay the rent
who's to blame?

can we talk about a child
born free and wild
with everything to lose or gain

if the future he'll inherit
comes from what our actions merit
maybe we should keep it sane

dr frankenstein's elated
at the monster we've created
cause it paints him as a boy scout

but if Love isn't driving
the system that's surviving
then it might be time to throw it out

- Copyright © 2011 by Karl Konrad Werne