Love Compromise

You can keep all the love that I gave you
To ask for it back is absurd
You could say that you've always been faithful
But it shows your misuse of the word

And what's strange is I'm not hurt or angry
Seems you finally opened my eyes
And the time that was bound to be wasted
Has returned, win or lose,
To spend just as I choose
That's my take in this Love Compromise

I will keep all the memories that please me
Might even be more than I know
I could say you'll be lost and you need me
But it shows I've been losing control

And what's strange is I still hope you're happy
And I'd want to be there when you cry
But I've found it confuses the issue
When my actions are heard
Speaking louder than words
That's the fate of a Love Compromise

Take this to heart
I'll never be
Playing the part
You wrote for me

Buried in pride
You must agree
If there's still a love then it must be
Allowed to break free

You're released from all promises made me
I will no longer hold you to blame
I forgive all that once made me angry
And my hope is that you'll do the same

And what's strange is this weight that's been lifted
Rays of hope breaking through cloudy skies
And the truth that was bound to be wasted
Has returned and I choose
I will not sing the blues
There's no place for a Love Compromise

Copyright 2001 by Karl Werne

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