Monkey Do

There's a bit of tension rising in the air
Both of us are feeling that the other don't care
Instead of saying something that we need to hear
We're filling up the silences with pain and fear

So you got your jacket and you got your bag
You're shaking off the memory of a dream you had
One foot in the door - guess you're gonna go
I believe there's something that you oughta know

Baby, we may never have this chance again
Turn around, you might just be my only friend
So there's a little game I would show to you
It's called ... Monkey See, Monkey Do


Baby, let's consider where it's gotta start
I can feel the answer in the beat of my heart
You can show me yours, I will show you mine
Anything short would be a waste of time

Can you feel the rhythm when it's driving you
You can just assume that it is driving me too
We can only be who we're gonna be
Never should that call for an apology

Maybe I have not made my intentions clear yet
But as you see, I'm working here without a net
Cause that's the only thing that I know to do
When it's ... Monkey See, Monkey Do


You take one deep breath
And let it out slow
Tell me, pretty baby
Where you want this to go

Take my hand
Hold tight because
It's only gonna matter
Like you say it does

Lean on me
Look me in the eye
Gather all your fears
And kiss them all goodbye

Open your heart
Let Love in
Take it to the top
And do it all again


There's a brighter day that could be breaking through
All of it depends on what the two of us do
Hopefully respectful in the name of Love
And mindful of exactly what we're capable of

Opening your heart was never lost on me
I am thankful for the opportunity
You can feel safe - never on a shelf
I will have your back so you can be yourself

I would tell you something just for clarity
I was hoping you might want to be with me
And we can show the world how to see it through
And call it ... Monkey See, Monkey Do

- Copyright © 2011 by Karl Konrad Werne