nothing more

so here we are
again my friend
i'm sure you know the drill

it's hard for us
to swallow such
a bitter tasting pill

we're not the ones
that we once were
so many years before

we've only got this moment
nothing more

there was a time
i still believe
that we were meant to be

we helped each other
through our sorted
painful histories

and battered by the rocks
we barely
washed up on the shore

all we needed was each other
nothing more

there is no comparison to
tenderness and grace
what they represent bring memories
of your smiling face
in my heart, you'll always hold
a sacred quiet place
but healing takes a little time
and requires a little space

and now we turn
the necessary
pages of our growth

a chance to learn
some new lessons
appears before us both

well instead of expectations
instead of keeping score
before our old bad habits
beat our heads against the door
instead of compromise that leaves us
always wanting more

i will say to you
"i love you"
nothing more

nothing less, and nothing more

Copyright © 2009 by Karl Konrad Werne

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