and here we stand in this sacred place
with tearful eyes but face to face
we'll wash away without a trace
anything but love

how quickly we have come to this
we've had no time to reminisce
it's not so long since our first kiss
that we were so careful of

admittedly, i'm not the first
and we went in cold and unrehearsed
we've seen each other at our worst
a wonder we're still here

but underneath each moment shared
there's been a safe, respectful air
that's like some favorite easy chair
whenever you are near

you've seen me cry, you've seen me laugh
and after all the aftermath
i can't imagine one life path
that you're not walking on

it's hard to know how to begin
sometimes it feels like i have been
a victim of what might have been
and life had passed me by

but lately i'm amazed to hear
an old familiar song so clear
that melts away each pain and fear
and reminds me i'm alive

so if you say you'll take this chance
to try our version of romance
i think it's time i learn to dance
the honor would be mine

so take my hand and i will lead
i'll also follow when you need
on one thing we are both agreed
this light must always shine

now we will see what we can make
of every day and breath we take
and so i'm clear, make no mistake
your heart is safe right here

- Copyright 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne