Shadows on the Wind

I recall a time when time was on my side
Life was only shadows on the wind
Now I feel the weight of every mountain climbed
I can't imagine climbing them again

We are at the mercy of some butterfly
Pounding out our fate around the world
Caught between the dark and light of compromise
With every banner waved and flag unfurled

Now tell me how are we to turn this sinking ship around?
And what are we to do with secrets we have found?
Is there but someone who might still have enough love inside
Who can show us what we need to change this raging tide ...
This suicide ... can we survive ... oh my ...

I was just eleven when my father passed
Superhero status still to me
Ain't it strange how all those years go flying past
Never made a difference to me

Now my children look into their father's eyes
Cannot help but wonder what they see
Maybe there's a glimpse into some future skies
Or maybe just a glimpse inside of me

And every generation has the chance to come to terms
With all the choices they have made and lessons they have learned
If it is truly up to us, our future to create
Then we must open up our hearts before it's too late ...
For our doomed fate ... we can't wait ... oh no ...

And maybe somewhere I can find the man I might have been
Before this crazy life had dropped me in the boat I'm in
And if the waters find you sailing on your own way too
Well then maybe we can show this world what we could do ...
Just me and you ... we'll see it through ... in our boat for two ...

I recall a time when time was on my side
Life was only shadows on the wind
Turn this tiny boat into the rising tide
I believe life's calling me again

- Copyright � 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne