The Broken

The Broken

Do we know
Where all the broken people go
Wearing faces they cannot show
There's more than we ever know

Do you find
When out of sight and out of mind
They are easily left behind
This world can be so unkind

Say a prayer
Then send it out into the air
Light a candle against despair
Then act on it, if you dare

Take a stand
And with your brothers, hand in hand
Start a new wave across the land
Let excellence be your brand

hey, yo, look around
what's shakin' it
today is only gonna be the day
you're makin' it
or breakin' it,
have a stake in it
there ain't no one benefitin'
if you're fakin' it
stay real
and let the earth heal
this need for greed it leads to deeds
that bleed the seeds that feed us
and the air we dare
without a prayer to share
to breathe
show unity
for our community
this fear-mongerin' ain't conquerin'
a damn thing
need a hero
are you offering something
more than zero
stand up
be your best, it's a test
be strong, but stop beating on your chest
rise above
have the courage to abolish hate with love

Can it be
That in the end, ironically
There's a truth that we failed to see
The 'broken' were you and me

We were wrong
For every voice is pure and strong
Be sincere as you write your song
So all men can sing along

- Copyright © 2016 by Karl Konrad Werne