thinkin' 'bout you

morning sun - i'm already up
thinkin' about that girl
email note - three little words
like a shot heard round the world
heard round the world
like a shot heard round the world
ah ... i miss that girl

coffee gone - start my day
write me a song or two
close my eyes - lost in a thought
takin' me back to you
right back to you
every road leads back to you
what's this dreamer to do?

i don't need no intervention
i am doing fine
i'm living to my heart's contention
i'm ... just thinkin' bout you

traffic jam, here i am
looks like a parking lot
bitter, angry and frustrated
few of the things i'm not
oh, no i'm not
not with all this love i got
helps when times run hot

memories of our last encounter
linger in the air
i sing myself this grateful little

if there's a god above, i'd like to
thank her for this instant
a moment's grace, a healing touch and
all that lies between

until the end of time there will
remain a fire burning
to celebrate this moment and to
learn what it could mean ...

day is done, had some fun
so much to see and do
grand adventures to be had
wishing them all on you
wish them all on you
i'd love to share in one or two
see where it leads us to ...

i have no need to hold this flower
tightly in my hand
i like the way you're growing on me
and ... i'm thinkin' bout you

- Copyright © 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne