This Little Notebook

i don't represent the views of any
hidden, unknown sponsors
in fact i can't imagine mass appeal for
anything i'd say

i don't believe i'm jaded or
over-cynical in nature
but surely lessons shaped me to
the man i am today

i have landed safely
between comfortable and cautious
i've even thanked the skies for the
emotional reprieve

that being said, i've stumbled on
a startling discovery
and it seems to be the feint sound of
my heart inside of me

i apologize for the
inconvenient timing
it seems that neither of us can
afford to take a fall

but before you board that plane
that takes you far across the ocean
this little notebook
might just say it all

you told me once it's easier
if my words were less romantic
i'm happy to accommodate
your twisted little ears

i am lost in thought about your
teeth marks on my shoulder ...
your stifled breath, your lower back,
damn, i wish that you were here

what am i to do with all this cat hair on my sweatshirt?
what am i to do with all this bluegrass in my ears?
how do i find hope when it no longer springs eternal?
how do i regroup and change gears?

how do i sleep soundly with no knife under my pillow?
how do i remember all those words to sam mcgee?
what am i supposed to find while reaching for your shoulder?
what am i supposed to do with me?

- Copyright © 2010 by Karl Konrad Werne