TOO FAR AWAY - by Karl Werne

hear it now

Standing at the airport, but the city's lost on me
I'm carrying more baggage than anyone can see
My heart is weighing heavier than I could ever say
All for but one reason: you are just Too Far Away

Don't know how I got here or where my future lies
The man that I once used to be now I hardly recognize
Feels like I've been handed someone else's bill to pay
And what I can't afford is you are just Too Far Away

* * *

Then suddenly I feel you
Like sunshine through the rain
And I must reconsider
Why I carry all this pain

Could it be this peaceful place
I feel is here to stay
So anywhere you are isn't
All that far away

* * *
instrumental verse
* * *

Then suddenly I feel that
Sea of Kindness over me
And I remember this is how
Love is supposed to be

Could it be I'm headed to
A new and brighter day
Where anywhere you are isn't
All that far away

Home again, I always love the feel of my own bed
You being here beside me calms the fires in my head
And though you're right here, near me, there is one more thing to say
Come here darlin' now, it's been long and you're just Too Far Away


- karl werne