Well I couldn't help but notice
You've been sittin' on the side
While the band's been playing all night long

And though I'm mindful of your privacy
I must admit I'd like to see
You dancing free and laughing in my arms

I have always wished for someone
Who could lead me to the floor
Dust me off and bring me down from on this shelf

But that is not the way I feel today
And I am standing here to say
That I would like to take you there myself

Don't you wanna dance?
How'd you like a partner for a little romance?

Step out on the floor
Cause deep inside you're wanting something more

Now there seems to be a problem
And it's filling you with fear
Because you've only danced alone inside your room

But girl, I like the way you swing your hips
And I believe a partnership
Could add a whole new meaning to those moves

Now there's really nothing to it
Girl, just take me by the hand
Let the rhythm of the music fill your bones

And if it helps you, you can close your eyes
For one thing you should realize
Is I will never leave you here alone

Get into the game
Yes, it's true that you and I may never be the same

Share yourself with me
Help me set that little dancer free

Hear It Now!

Copyright 2006 by Karl Konrad Werne

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