Why Am I Missing You?

Why Am I Missing You?

You can come
You can go
You'd think by now I'd learn to let it go

In the end
What's to show?
Who's to know?

You can blame
It on me
I'm only asking for your honesty

And your heart
If it's free
Guess we'll see

I sat down to write this song today
But I'm finding out I miss you more than words can say
And they don't seem to mean a thing anyway if it's true ...

So you've heard
Once or twice
That Love is compromise and sacrifice

I say no
Bad advice
It keeps us on ice

Find the Joy
In your heart
Don't ever let the world take that apart

And you'll see
From the start
A great work of art

I still believe that we could have it all
And you'll never learn to fly with fear that you might fall
Now the Universe is sending a wake up call just for you ...
Darlin', what you gonna do?


Truth shines brighter than the light of day
Just like trusting and acceptance aren't just words to say
Tell me, what does this life mean anyway to you?
Why am I missing you?
Why am I missing you?
I should be kissing you
Why . . . ?

- Copyright © 2011 by Karl Konrad Werne